Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Assessing the Challenges and Limitations

 Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Assessing the Challenges and Limitations Associated with Integration into the National Air Transportation System The problem should be broad enough to allow for adequate research. This problem statement must provide the title and a brief (two paragraph) explanation of the problem and the purpose of the research (The first paragraph should address an explanation of why this is a problem and the second paragraph should describe the purpose of the research (what results will be achieved in the project). Project should include the following: • Problem Statement • Abstract • Introduction – Include why is this a Problem? • Background • Review of Relevant Literature • Results • Conclusions • Recommendations • References (Annotated Bibliography) • Appendices (if required) Project Requirements: • 15 Pages Dedicated to the Report. o 15-20 Sources  Sources have to be within 3-5 years of current date.  13-15 Sources have to be from peer reviewed sources.  2-3 Sources from Government Sites  Total of 15-18 sources.  All sources need to have 1-2 paragraphs explaining the information that will be contributed to the project. o Statistical Data should be included. • Annexes attached o Annex 1 – Detailed SWAT Analysis (1-2 Pages) o Annex 2 – Core Program Outcomes. (2-3 Pages)  1-2 Paragraph to explain each Core Outcome as it relates to the paper. o Annex 3 – Grading Rubic (For Writer Rubic)

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