The Management of Suicidal Persons

Description Topic: The Management of Suicidal Persons in The Bahamas (lecturer told me the topic was fine but you should expand on the idea) any suggestions?  This project will take the form of a management critique or analysis followed by a plan of action. The student will focus on a recent statement of intent by his or her home government (or any other Caribbean government), whether this takes the form of a policy paper or a strategic plan, health services reform, health financing, decentralisation etc. or any management proposal of his/her choice designed to make the health system or services more efficient and effective. The project falls into four parts: 1) A description of the pre- project situation including the management system and practices used before the project or existing at the present time if this is a management issue of your choice (situation analysis) 2) A description of the existing initiative from the point of view of its content and management or a summary presentation of the proposed initiative. Areas of scrutiny will include the overall objective, main components, the appropriateness of the proposed or in- place structures and systems, the quality of the leadership for this initiative, the expected impact or outcome of the initiative etc. If the initiative is still a proposal the emphasis will be on a description of this proposal, its managerial components and feasibility and the expected impact. 3) An assessment of the relative success or failure of the initiative e.g. what was done or not done, by whom, the timeliness or not of such actions, what flaws surfaced in the proposed systems and strategies and so on. If the proposal is yet to be implemented, what are the likely successes or failures, critical implementation issues and challenges in achieving the impact of the initiative? This is a critical aspect of you project. 4) Prescribed action. What should be done, by whom it should be done, how it should be done and why it should be done? The focus should be on an action plan that can be initiated by the person writing the report, as a manager of the initiative. This will include how the project manager will acquire the necessary power/authority and support from stakeholders to get the plan of action implemented and sustained. Managers do not only write recommendations but take the action themselves to implement them. You can use a Gantt chart as an Appendix but explain this in the Prescribed Action Section of your project.. The sections should be presented separately, each beginning on a fresh page. The study will be presented in typewritten form, double space, 12 point font, on paper approximately 8.5 inches by 11inches (letter size),with 1 inch margins. It will be between 12 and 25 pages long, not counting the title page, appendices, references and bibliography. It need not be submitted in a folder but simply stapled with three staples down the left-hand margin. The title page will have the candidate’s number in the top right hand corner; in addition to anywhere else it may appear, clearly printed in the following format: two digits, space, three digits, space and then three digits. You are required to put your name on the title page as well. 

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