The Effect of Hawai’i 1946 Tsunami

The major event that occurred and that resulted in a significant loss of life to describe in an eight-page paper (separate from the title page and reference; total 6-pages of actual write up) what happened and any significant contributing factors. Discuss the impact of the event on the field of public safety and how it influenced the development of codes, practices, beliefs, and research. HERE ARE THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS: 1) The Title Page (running head and full title of the paper). 2) Abstract (no more than 120 words). 3) The Body of the paper. In a practitioner paper, this section should include an Introduction that describes the question or problem being studied; a description of the research that you reviewed, and a Discussion of how the research informs a resolution of the question or problem. On the first page of the body (usually page 3 of the paper) put the full title at the top of the page (centered and two lines below the running head/page number). The title should be double-spaced from the first line of your first paragraph. On every page of the body include the running head in the upper left-hand corner and the page number in the upper right-hand corner. Please do not forget the Conclusion too. 4) Reference(s)

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