This assignment is designed to assess your ability to meet the following course objectives: Critically analyze the interplay between biophysical, psychological, social, economic, spiritual and cultural forces in human development; the risks and resilience of each stage of life; major theories of human development. Critically evaluate the impact that human diversity, social problems, and environmental factors have on individuals and their behavior. Instructions The purpose of this assignment is to integrate your knowledge of spirituality into working with individuals. Identify a person in your life (friend, family member, acquaintance, coworker) who would be willing to participate in an interview. Note: Do not explain that it is related to their spirituality, but that it is related to their emotional coping and resources. Using at least one model of assessment in the document attached below, conduct a face-to-face interview. Use the results to compose a spiritual assessment. Your assessment should be written as an analysis of what you learned from your subject, not simply a summary of what they said. Reference concepts of spirituality found in your readings, principles of spiritual competence and social work theory to produce a meaningful analysis. Include recommendations. It is possible to assess a person’s spirituality (present/absent, helpful/harmful) with particular questions that do not even mention the term spirituality. These are typically questions that center on values and beliefs or existential questions. Use these questions to help your “subject” elaborate on the issues s/he identifies on their spiritual timeline. Submit a 3 – 4 page paper.


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