Republication exercise

 Instructions: This exercise asks you to work with data from a published paper to learn more about the underlying dataset and to replicate the findings in the paper. The paper is Auffhammer and Kellogg (2011), which appeared in the October 2011 issue of the American Economic Review. It can be accessed here: For this exercise, you will start with a partly-cleaned version of the dataset available here 1: Your tables and figures do not have to look pretty, but they should roughly resemble the shape of the tables and figures in the paper. you will have some trouble exactly matching all of their numbers.2 Please submit your code along with your written assignment. References Auffhammer, Maximilian, and Ryan Kellogg. 2011. “Clearing the Air? The Effects of Gasoline Content Regulation on Air Quality.” American Economic Review 101, no. 6 (October): 2687–2722.

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