Punishment and reinforcement in the learning process

the importance of both punishment and reinforcement in the learning process. However, views on punishment of children have changed considerably in the past fifty years–particularly, people’s perspectives on the physical punishment of children. There are a multitude of research studies that indicate that punishment is useful in shaping human behavior. Children will often respond more readily to punishment than they do reward. However, by contrast, there are a considerable number of studies that indicate just the opposite. Likewise, when one considers the incidence of recidivism in our prison system, there is a strong case against the utility of punishment in learning. For this essay, the student is to examine both sides of the argument in detail and substantiate each with at least one external source. After discussing the arguments for and against the use of punishment in learning, the student is to discuss their personal perspective on this topic. When designating their perspective, the student should draw on aforementioned evidence, personal experience, and their faith, if applicable. A strong essay will objectively argue both sides of the point and include a sound case for their particular perspective. Guidelines:

1) The essay should be no less than three pages long, double spaced. 2) The essay will follow APA format.

3) The essay will include personal reflection on both sides of the argument on an individual and societal level. 4) The essay will indicate how which side of the argument the student favors and the reasons for supporting this perspective.

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