Psychology – Gender Issues

ender identity, gender questioning, sexual orientation, and transgender questions are likely to be presented to the active professional in today’s therapeutic environment. We are continually learning and discovering new information about human sexual behaviors. The APA continues to edit and create more appropriate treatment guidelines in each of these areas on an on-going process. In a four page (or more) double spaced paper, 12 pt font, explore APA guidelines and additional current journal research in order to present best practices for supporting members of each of these populations. You may also include additional populations explored in week six. How do you plan to incorporate your findings into your best practices for working with such clients? Consider any personal bias and share how you will manage your personal beliefs and thoughts in this regard. (100 points) Your paper must fully comply with APA paper format including a title page, abstract, and reference page in addition to the four page minimum. A minimum of three – five citations and references (not including your textbook) must be included.

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