Description Wk 5: Discuss 2 Remember: You may need to scroll down in order to view and complete this assignment. Discussion Prompt: Conformity A major area of study in Social Psychology is the issue of conformity. Below you will find two video links. The first is from some classic Candid Camera footage. The other is a demonstration of Solomon Asch’s study, but done in a modern setting. In your discussion center, address two thoughts. 1) Why does conformity happen, even when we know what is happening is not right; 2) Is conformity always bad (give specific examples)? Don’t Eat Light “Candid Camera” Source: Asch Conformity Experiment Source: You MUST include an in-text citation and reference in your original discussion post that relates to the prompt but is not provided by the prompt. Assignment Instructions Please scroll down to the input box to type your response to the discussion prompt. After keying in your response, click the SAVE button. Once you’ve posted your initial response to the question, you can join your fellow learners in the discussion forum by clicking the “Discussion” tab on the top of the “Course Outline” page. Grading Criteria Click the “Grading Criteria” button below to view the rubric, which will be used to evaluate your contributions for this activity.


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