Nutrition and Food Composition – New Product Development Justification

Instructions to Students for Submission of this Coursework


CO-OP is a well-known retailer in the UK. They are refreshing their current range of products within the fresh soup category for 2019. As a result they would like you to make a new product proposal based on the development brief provided. In order to be able to fully justify your new product you will need to conduct thorough research of the existing soup category to understand what the competition currently sell either in store or on line as soup. You will present your product to Co-op in Week 36 (Monday 1st April) as a professional pitch and hand in a written report of your full product proposal.


Completed sample submission forms must be submitted to Product Developer, 2 working days prior to panel. This should include:

            – Product recipe and ingredient breakdown and declaration

            – Packaging details

            – Nutritional information per 100g and per serving

            – Product claims (vegan, gluten free, 1 of 5 a day, etc)

            – Cooking and heating instructions


Task Details


Choose from one of the following briefs:

  1. To extend the Souper Soup range to include a seasonally relevant meal soup.

Product to use seasonal ingredients to focus on either autumn or summer.

Product to be Low Fat, source of fibre and 2 of 5 a day as per current Souper Soups.

Aim to include source of protein


  1. To replace Souper Purple develop a Souper Red Soup – Using tomato and red pepper as a base as a point of difference from other tomato soups in the range.

Product should have rich slightly spiced flavour.

Product to be Low Fat, source of fibre and 2 of 5 a day as per current Souper Soups.




Within your report, you need to include:


  • Information on the UK’s current market performance of the category. This will require you to review and analyse current market data.


  • Identify 1 current UK food trend.  You must provide evidence, rationale and justification for the emergence of this consumer trend.


  • Undertake a gap analysis of the current category for the retailer you have been assigned and its competitors’ products. Consider where applicable, packaging format, ingredients, nutritional claims, price and eating occasion. The outcome of this is to identify a potential gap in the category and new product opportunities.


  • From your analysis of the current category and your own research of innovative food ingredients and products suggest and justify 1 NEW food product concept that follows your chosen trend. The product must NOT currently exist and needs to satisfy the development brief provided to you by the retailer. Your supporting rationale should consider the criteria to be delivered from the brief, the target customer and how this identifies with the nutritional claims of this product brand.


  • Provide a detailed product description, recipe and a method and nutritional analysis for your NEW product.

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