MGT 4600 Assignment: Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies have been a mainstay of debates in strategic management since 1995. They have been used extensively by consultants as well as academics. The idea of disruptive innovation was proposed by Clayton Christensen OF Harvard Business School, and while it was widely adopted, it has also been extensively critiqued


Clayton Christensen wrote an article in HBR (attached) in December 2015, where he defended (and put limits on) his concept [He has two co-authors in this article, but the concept is associated with him]. Please read the article fully before you commence this assignment. [You can skim the above links, but not the attached article].

Imagine yourself a consultant. Please write a memo to Uber where you suggest how they can use the idea of a disruptive technology to improve its operations. You can briefly summarize the key points in Christensen’s article in that memo. Mention your own opinion, i.e. whether you agree or disagree with Christensen. Answer the question: “Is Uber a disruptive innovation?”

Your essay should contain the following:


One table and one graph (please make the table and graph yourself, rather than cut-and-paste a graph from the internet). Explain them in your memo.

One reference from a scholarly source (i.e. not just a website). Cite and reference it in APA style.

One clear identification of a strategic problem faced by Uber in today’s world.

One suggestion of how Uber can tackle the problem.


The essay should be 750 words pages long, single spaced. Please add a cover page with your name, assignment’s title, and date.

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