Media Journal 7: Television

Media Journal 7: Television  Minimum 2 full pages (your writing goes all the way to the bottom of page two), not including cover sheet. No abstract required.  Write using multiple paragraphs, each of 8-10 well-developed sentences. No formal thesis required. Organize your journal as you see fit. What to do:  Visit (or Google the phrase Nielsen top 10s).  Once you reach the page (see screen shot below), be sure you’ve selected “TV.”  Then, review the most recent top 10 lists for “prime broadcast network TV-United States” and “cable network TV- United States.” The screen shot shows you what these look like. Use the drop-down menu to select.  Write your response to the following (40 pts for content):  Compare the two lists. What types of shows tend to dominate each list? (For example, professional sports may be in the top 10 on the network list, but news talk shows may feature prominently on the cable list.) How can you account for similarities or differences? (Feel free to research—but cite your sources if you do!—or just take an educated guess.)  Notice that the pull-down menu also features two race-based categories: one for Hispanics, one for African-Americans. Why do you think the Nielsen Company collects data based on the race of the viewer? What benefits might it have for the TV industry? What kinds of drawbacks might be involved?

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