Management Accounting’s Coursework- 2018-2019



This assignment is intended to help you to develop your skills in the area of cost management by critical evaluation the strategy adopted by one of the first movers in the frozen yogurt industry in order to stay competitive and maintain market share. The case requires analysis of customer profitability using activity based costing.


Assignment details


This coursework is weighted at approximately 3000 words.


Task specification


You are required to read the Colombo Frozen Yogurt case but other articles and books are also relevant. Use your initiative; for example, you can use ‘Google Scholar’ to search for additional published academic articles and other material that provide insights into the analysis of customer profitability using activity based costing and the difference between an activity-based approach from a traditional approach to designing a job-costing systems. You are required to answer the following questions: Questions 2, 3, and 4 are based on the case study.



  1. How is an activity-based approach different from a traditional approach to designing a job-costing systems? (30 MARKS)
  2. Briefly summarise Colombo’s competitive environment and General Mills’ strategy in response to that environment. (15 Marks)
  3. Using the ABC analysis, determine new segment profitability statements. (35 Marks)
  4. Based on your analysis in questions 2 and 3, what changes would you suggest to General Mills?((minimum of 4 changes with new segment profitability statments  (20 Marks).

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