International Joint Ventures: The implications of the type of joint

International Joint Venture module Assingment. The assignment is based on In Module exercise.Where we can either collaborate with either one of the European based companies on the basis of most suitable offer The Question details is as follow Select one of the European Companies (EM or HC) featured in the module Collaboration Exercise. From the viewpoint of that company develop what you consider to be the most appropriate strategy for collaboration in the light of the facts revealed in the exercise, and in the additional briefing documents provided at the end of the module. The following issues should be analyzed:

a) The key commercial, practical and political issues involved in arriving at your view of the optimum type of collaborative venture for this particular purpose.

b) The implications of the type of joint venture selected, both on the current operations of the company and on its prospective partner. c) The key points which must be addressed in the contractual arrangements appropriate to your choice of collaborative relationship. d) The key operational issues which must be addressed to ensure successful implementation of the project. The Module exercisce details are attached for your reference 

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