Impact of sociocultural factors on my leisure activity

Paper Requirements: Reflect on what your time map says about how you take up leisure. Decide what are the most relevant sociocultural factors Things to look for in time map: -What leisure activities do I do and when/why? -How much leisure time is there in my week? -How long are my periods of leisure activity? -use SIX outside sources to help you explain and argue for the socio-cultural factors you identified as most relevant: SOURCES MUST BE – 2 books (2010 or later)

– 2 academic peer reviewed journal articles (2010 or later) – 2 Canadian government sources Possible choices for sources – Effect of music on daily life – Listening to classical music while learning/studying – Sleep and learning (amount of sleep vs. how much you learn

) – Impact of family time of mental wellness – Stats of students working in relation to sleep and grades – Stats of commuting students (as commuting takes up a lot of time) Write a seven page essay. Explain and argue for the socio-cultural factors you identified as most relevant What we are looking for: -Thesis and sustained supporting argument -Use of six outside sources of the required types -No quotes and correct use of APA in-text citations -Appropriate grammar, spelling, vocabulary format -Correct essay structure, clear organization of information

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 It should be your own—original and free from plagiarism. Follow APA format for writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of sources. Follow APA format

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