Globalization in Italy

 Throughout this semester you will explore various family concepts and issues using a global perspective. In order to fulfill the requirements for the “Globalized Course” you will examine family concepts and issues in a country of your choice which is Italy. You will use information from the textbook “The Family” (second Edition) From Chapter 2 lectures for information related to sociology in the United States, as well as independent research on the same issues within your selected country. You will keep the same country throughout the semester and create a final presentation to summarize your findings from the entire semester. While some assignments are open to various sources of information on the internet, others require academic research only. Regardless of your source requirement, ALL sources must be cited and included in a references list. All assignments follow APA format. Failure to provide citations/references will result in an automatic zero on the assignment. In Chapter 2 you learned that US families have evolved in many ways throughout US history. Not only do we live longer, we have fewer children, perform fewer functional tasks at home, and the structure of the family has become increasingly diverse. Using the concepts covered in chapter two, research the changes in family life in your selected country. Examples include: changes in family structure (nuclear, single, extended, nonfamily, living alone), women’s employment outside of the home, changes in birth rate, changes in age at first marriage, and other related topics from Chapter 2. Identify four changes in family structure and/or function in both the US and your selected country. You must include the years in which the changes happened, what the change is, and statistics to back up your claim. Here is an example for one change in US family structure. For example: Change #1: Family Structure In the United States married couple households accounted for 65% of all households in 1880 (Cohen, 2014). By 2010, married couple households only accounted for 45% of all households (Cohen, 2014). Individual households, or someone living alone, was uncommon in 1880 (4%; Cohen, 2014). By 2010, 27% of households were individuals (Cohen, 2014). These changes represent a change in family structure. Each family change should be at least 4-6 sentences in length. All facts, findings, and information used must be cited using APA format, including a reference page. For information on APA, you can use The Owl Purdue’s various APA resources.

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