Formulate Goals and Statement of Intent

 Description After you review some information on educational associations, organizations, and career options in the profession of education, we would like to know a little about where you are coming from, where you are planning to go in terms of your education and career, and how you feel Northcentral can fit into your plans. We even want to know the interesting things you are reading these days. If you have published something yourself, or have a professional website or blog, let us know! That will help us to get to know you better. For this assignment, prepare a response for each of the items below. Your responses should focus on your development as a professional in your chosen field. Background and Interest: What is your professional and educational background (and in particular any experience that is degree-related), as well as special areas of research or professional interest? How have your experiences in life and your current interests led you to pursue your degree at NCU? Personal/Professional Vision: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Identify the major steps needed to achieve this vision successfully. Strengths and Challenges: After viewing Angela Lee Duckworth’s video, “The key to success? Grit.”, what personal strengths will support you in this training? What challenges do you have to overcome in order to be successful? Northcentral and You: How do you see your education in the [program specific] program at Northcentral fitting into your overall personal and professional development aspirations? One of the goals of this course is to assist you in laying the foundation for success. Please comment on how you believe the following skills/characteristics will be important in your success: Making and keeping commitments Time management On-time, respectful communication Ethical communication Ethical behavior APA adherence

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