Course-project paper Clinical Sexuality

An important component of this course is the submission of an original course project paper encompassing your research and investigation of a topic selected by you from the following list of generalized topics which is primary to your understanding and application of the academic information contained in our course for your use as a professional in your future work with clients. You should identify a specific topic within the generalized topic area you select rather than attempt a more generalized over view summary of your topic. The use of current credible research will be crucial to a quality academic paper. GENERALIZED TOPICS:

Clinical Sexuality Sexual Orientation…Questions, Choices and Challenges Gender Questioning Sexual Challenges The Role of the MFT in Treating Sexuality Issues ***Your paper MUST not use any material used in your previous week three or six papers!!! You should select a topic different from those used in previous papers. Other topics MAY be approved if discussed and accepted by the instructor

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