CMN 432 Major Research Project Proposal 2019 Vaping

Assignment #2: Research Progress Report

Due Date/Time: Start of Week 9 Workshop (submit on Turnitin) If you do not receive a Digital Receipt or Document ID, you have not submitted the assignment properly. Value: 15% Length: 1-1½ pages plus References (12 point type, see note below)

Assignment Type:

Individual In individual Assignment #2, you will summarize progress you have made in your research for the solution that you will be proposing in response to the RFP. Since this is a research-based progress report, you must use credible, research-based sources such as scholarly, peer-reviewed articles and unbiased studies, as well as other reliable trade and government publications to determine what experts and industry professionals see as the impacts of your perspective on your topic. Find scholarly and authoritative sources related to your broad topic using the Ryerson library portal. You may have some difficulty finding sources that address your perspective on the topic precisely. However, you may find sources that address a similar topic or perspective, and you can extrapolate from them to consider your own topic. This report is a progress report for your team summarizing your progress gathering, assessing and synthesizing the research for your proposal. You will later use these research findings (including themes, final design, and suggestions) as the basis for your pitch presentation (Assignment #3) and to provide analysis and justify your final proposal (Assignment #4). Once you have narrowed down your design/solution options and identified the main ways in which your proposal best addresses the requests outlined in the RFP, you will briefly describe them in your Research Progress Report, supporting your claims about the topic with evidence from your sources. This paper is an objective summary of what you have found about the current views on the chosen area of research as well as an honest assessment of the status of your project. Your report will be informative rather than persuasive. The final proposal will take this information and use it to analyze the issues and make recommendations. You will document your sources using proper in-text citations and provide a full reference list in APA style.

Your report must:

1. Be formatted as a letter or memo addressed to the management team AND follow a standard organizational pattern for progress reports, with section headings/subheadings.

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