Challenges and crisis facing midwifery role in rural areas.

First you will have title page (not needed we have it already) Table of content Acknowledgement Abstract Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 References ————————— Chapter 1 Title Challenges and crisis facing midwifery role in rural areas. • introduction > 500- 700 words Midwifery – role – opesticals • literature review reflection of title Challenges facing midwifery Role of midwifery •Significant of the study Introducing 3 lines Important for the study – impact about target regulation – prevalence for the problems Chapter 2 Design : suitable to achieve the aim of the study need 5 references .Setting .Sampling and population .Data collection .Ethical considetion .Pilot study .Validity & Reliability. .Data Analysis .Procedure of the main study Chapter 3 .Time scale .Budget .Expected Outcome .Reference Appendes includes (Consent . Participants Leaflet. Questionnaire )

#Challenges #crisis #facing #midwifery #role #rural #areas

Table of Contents

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