Business communication in digital age

Chapter 1, Succeeding in the Social and Mobile Workplace Directions: (Recommend performing the worksheet in the order shown.) 1. Read Chapter 1 from the textbook (11 edition) before completing this worksheet. Use the bolded headings and bolded, bulleted items contained in the chapter to guide you with your reading. Note: All parts of this worksheet must be completed before submitting it in Canvas. 2. Using Canvas, open the PowerPoint slides link to view the slides for Chapter 1. 3. Rename this worksheet: firstname Chapter 1, Spring 2019 4. Complete the following Chapter Review questions. Steps that I recommend for successfully completing the writing in each week’s worksheet: 1. After reading the chapter, refer back to the chapter for your answers; thus, creating a draft. 2. Go back over your writing and rework the wording where necessary. (This may take rewriting 2, 3, or more times. That’s okay!) 3. Correct your writing for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. 4. Use references such as the Grammar/Mechanics Handbook at the end of our textbook (pages D-1 through D-43). • Use the optional handbook, The How 13 Handbook for Office Professionals. • A good web site to check grammar is: Note: You may receive free tutoring at the Reading and Writing Center: Reading and Writing Center (Campus-Wide Tutoring Program (408) 288-3758): Past students have recommended going to the Reading and Writing Center when an instructor is available. Times for when an instructor is available are either posted in Canvas or you may phone the Reading and Writing Center at (408) 288-3758. It is recommended to complete a draft of your worksheet before going to the lab and take your textbook with you. 1. Fill in the blanks (use the following text box to type your answers). Refer to Chapter 1 in your textbook, the Office Insider (shown in the margin, p. 3). Victor Urbach writes, “Communicating clearly and effectively has ______ been more important than it is today. Whether it’s fair or not, life-changing critical judgments about you are being made based solely on your _______ ______.” Type your answers in the following text box. Use correct spelling. (3 points) 2. Also, on page 3, an analysis of 2.3 million LinkedIn profiles revealed that _____ and ____ communication skills were by a large margin the top skill set sought followed by organization teamwork, and ______. Type your answers in the following text box. Use correct spelling. (3 points) 3. Your textbook states: “Not every job seeker is aware of the employer’s expectations. Some new-hires have no idea that excessive absenteeism or tardiness is grounds for termination.” Do you agree or disagree with these statements? In one or two short grammatically correct sentences, state why or why not you agree or disagree. (3 points) Agree or Disagree: Why or why not? 4. Assume you have gone to your boss’s office to talk about something that is troubling you concerning a project that you are working on. When you begin to speak, your boss, Howard, picks up his iPhone and starts to compose a message. Before you can finish talking, he starts a long speech on ways you can solve your problem. List two ways that this interaction may have an effect on your motivation. Write clearly and briefly with correct grammar. (3 points) What effect might this have on your motivation?

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