ASSIGMENT 1 Professional Development and Communication Skills

Assignment criteria Description

1.1        Set short term and long term personal and professional SMART objectives.

1.2        Use appropriate methods to evaluate personal knowledge, skills and attitudes.

1.3        Carry out a personal skills audit.

1.4        Create a personal development plan.

2.1        Create an effective and well-presented CV and cover letter.

2.2        Assess relevant career development opportunities.

2.3        Evaluate the skills and experience required for specific career development opportunities.

3.1        Distinguish the objectives of business and professional communication.

3.2        Critically present information, both orally and in writing, from a range of academic and other sources.

3.3        Critically evaluate appropriate media for business communication.

4.1        Create effective oral presentations using IT and other related resources.

4.2        Demonstrate the role of body language and manners of speech in effective business presentations.

4.3        Deliver presentations for a range of audiences




Task 1

Assignment criteria 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3)



Using or any other employment website of your liking:

Set yourself SMART long and short -term personal and professional goals (for example, the job you would want to have in 5-10 years)

Identify the skills, knowledge and attributes required for the job

Conduct a skills audit against the job

Using your skills audit, identify development opportunities and prepare a personal development plan (PDP)

Draw a flowchart showing the career path(s) to achieve your long-term goal

Based on your skills audit and your flowchart, select your next career move and, using a job description from or any other employment website, write a CV and cover letter for the position.



1 portfolio of documents including:


analysis of skills for skills audit,

a Professional Development Plan,

 a flowchart,

a cover letter

and a CV

                                         (1200 words)

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