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 Description This assignment is based on the essay outline and bibliography assignment (s. there) and needs to incorporate the feedback and/or recommendations given by the course director on that earlier assignment. This evidence-based essay should have an overall length of 2000 to 2500 words plus references and bibliography. It represents the longer, full version of the text your outline envisioned, although you will have the freedom to make greater changes to your topic if you so choose. The end-of-term essay should be organized in roughly this form: 1) title page (giving information on you as the author, on the course it is connected to, the name of the course director, and the title of your essay); 2) introduction (elaborating on the topic, its relevance within a larger scholarly context, and a brief outlook on how your essay goes about addressing this topic); 3) main part (the “body” of the essay presenting your data, condense them into an argument, and weigh its pros and cons); 4) conclusion (summarizing the overall results of your essay, putting them into a larger context, and providing your personal thoughts, your opinion, or possible open questions concerning the topic you investigated); and 5) bibliography (containing at least six (6) titles, a maximum two (2) of which can be taken from required reading course texts). References used can be published in journals or books; Wikipedia and similar collaborative web-based reference works are not acceptable as references. Citations should be APA style (you can download a style guide from this Moodle site). For additional support in preparing and completing your essay, you are encouraged to review the relevant information in the Student Papers & Academic Research Kit (SPARK) provided by York University (at The due date for handing in the end-of-term essay assignment through Moodle (or, in case of technical difficulties, by email) is April 2, 2019

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